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We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we are seriously passionate about health and fitness!

Join with us as we delve into the world of health, fitness, strength, endurance, nutrition and diet, awesome workouts, how tos, beginners guides and much more!

But first our promise. We promise to keep things fun, practical and commonsense. And we expect you to keep us to our promise!

News Flash – Spartan Race (sprint) complete!

On Saturday 5 April the Almost Fit team successfully completed the 7Km Spartan Race (sprint) obstacle course race.

Darren Fittler, one of the Almost Fit team, racks up one more achievement after becoming the world’s first blind person to complete a Tough Mudder course.

To read more about Darren’s Tough Mudder experience and the lead up, check out Tough Mudder Diary.

Thanks again for popping into Almost Fit. We are just getting the hang of this whole website thing at the moment. It will be growing and evolving all the time, so please come back regularly to see what is new!

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