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Father’s Day starts early

I didn’t get to train or run today as had a very important morning meeting.

I had a Father’s Day morning tea at my kids’ school. There was coffee and bacon and egg rolls, which I enjoyed thoroughly at 7am!

Actually, I would have to say that bacon and egg rolls and coffee are two of my most favourite things!

There were also some very tasty muffins and other chocolate treats. But don’t worry, I didn’t indulge. I would like to say that it was because I was strong. But to be honest, I just didn’t feel like eating that stuff this morning.

So, apart from the noise of a hundred kids yelling and carrying on bouncing around the hard surfaces of a school hall, it was perfect! Well, actually, read more about my Father’s Day breakfast

My arms are so sore I can hardly walk

Darren Zotman curls

While training hard is generally a good idea, depending on what you are training for and the exercises you are doing, care should be taken not to over train.

So, having done chest yesterday, we did not do shoulders today. Rather sensible really.

Instead we did arms. Hmmm, maybe not so sensible after all!

read about today’s killer arm workout

And then there were four

After weeks of asking, reminding and cajoling, we now have two additional team members on team Almost Fit!

Our two new members, Glen and Paul, have finally signed up to Tough Mudder! Awesome work boys!

They are both good guys. I will introduce you soon. Well, just as soon as they give me a little bio.

read on to learn about my disasterous 6Km run

Workshoe Workout

I normally leave my gym shoes at work However, last Friday I packed them up and took them home just in case I found a running partner over the weekend.

Not only did I fail to go for a run, I also failed to bring the shoes back into work. Doh!

So, yes, I rocked up to the gym in my gym clothes and black leather work shoes. Very fetching! And yes, Dirk was adamant that we still do legs.

read more about today’s workout and working out in work shoes

Keeping it fresh

One thing I find really helpful when it comes to keeping up my exercise is doing new things or doing familiar things in a different way. You’re probably the same.

Be it running a different course, doing a completely new weight-based exercise or even just mixing up the timing in a familiar exercise, breaking your routine in this way keeps things fresh.

learn more about keeping it fresh and today’s 2 new exercises

Twice the fun

Today Dirk and I managed to get out and on the road for what is only our second run together.

We didn’t bother trying any tether or the like today. We just ran as before with my hand on Dirk’s triceps. Which seems to be working OK, least for me!

As with our first run, we ran up to the landmark Coke Sign in King’s Cross and back down William Street again to Elizabeth Street.

This time however, read more about our second run

Website is live, but so much more to do!

Today was another important day in the history of this blog.

An essential milestone was reached today. Yep, got the site up and live. I also got to know the WordPress interface a little, but it is a very busy interface and rather difficult for me to get my head around using screen reading software.

read more about my website challenges

Operation Crazy Pants

This is another post that doesn’t have much to do with fitness or Tough Mudder directly. It does however, let you know a little more about the Almost Fit website and gives a small insight into how I go about shopping as a blind person.

read on to learn a little more about the Almost Fit website, Operation Crazy Pants, how I go about shopping as a blind person and how GPS is useful to me

Four outta five ain’t bad

I was aiming for five out of five training sessions this week.

I even got so far as getting changed into my workout gear but that is as far as I got!

I foolishly went back to my office to grab my forgotten water bottle and answered the ringing phone while I was there. Stupid stupid

One hour later it was lunch time, not a good time to find a free treadmill, so waited until after the lunch rush at which point a flood of work washed over me.

So, back into my work clothes and no running for me today. Doh!

Almost Fit, the website

This post is important in the history of this blog of mine. ‘Why‘? you ask.

Well, because I finally decided to go live with a blog, took the plunge and managed to secure the domain name and signed up for some web hosting.

read on to learn a little more about starting the Almost Fit website and to see my workout for the day

If we build it, will they come?

With Tough Mudder being a team event, we roped in one and maybe two others to join our ‘almost fit’ team today. I’ll introduce you once they have actually signed up !

I also have an open alteria motive for wanting a bigger team.

And that is, I seriously cannot see how I am going to be able to lift a 115Kg Dirk Venter up through and over a number of the obsticals solo!

read on to learn about today’s back workout

Outdoor run No. 1 – Running Blind

Today Dirk Venter and I embarked on our first outdoor run together. Just some street running up to the landmark Coke Sign in Kings Cross and back again, with a brief diversion into Hyde Park to try some gentle off-road running.

This whole running together thing is new to both of us, so we had to experiment a bit. Dirk brought along a piece of elastic strapping (like physios use) to tether us together.

Running with an over-sized rubberband kinda worked but was not so good when judging a quick stop … oof!

read on to learn more about our first running adventure

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