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10% motivation and 90% routine – that’s all there is to it

In my experience, getting fit is about 90% routine and only 10% motivation.
And 90% of motivation is about setting realistic goals with the rest being a mixture of willpower and encouragement from others.

One of my recent goals is to complete Tough Mudder and this has definitely motivated me to train more, to run more and to eat better. Except for that little trip to the wine country perhaps!

If you are thinking about getting fitter, then read more about getting motivated

Website is live with four weeks to go!

Well, hello world, as they say!

After months of writing and learning, this little blog of mine is ready to rock. WooHoo!!

Now, while there are still a few little bugs and hiccups, I didn’t want to wait any longer, particularly as Tough Mudder is only four weeks away!

That’s right, in 28 days from now I will have run Tough Mudder. Can you believe it?

read more about the Blind Power Facebook page and my workout of the day

Coming clean

OK, so, you might recall in my Day of rest post me going on about hard work in the garden. I wrote:

I engaged in a little innocent gardening over the weekend and I am feeling it today!

Well, actually, what happened was that I aggravated an old rotator cuff injury from my swimming days. I didn’t think the damage was too bad, so I didn’t mention it at the time.

All should be good for Tough Mudder though, don’t worry. But read more about coming clean and today’s workout

Doh, no mojo!

Life has been pretty full over the last few weeks. What with getting this blog and the Almost Fit website up, usual lawyer work and some late and sleepless nights with sick kids, I really was feeling rather depleted today. And I must have looked it as well , even to Dirk. So, while I was still put through a reasonably heavy and substantial leg workout, it wasn’t as draining as the leg workouts we have been doing over the last 8 weeks or so.

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There can be only one … this week

There is quite a bit in today’s post. It didn’t start out that way, but things just grew.

In this post there is some Body Talk and the usual summary of my workout. I also reveal the results of today’s BioSignature Testing and share my musings on stupid balance-based exercises.

read the full post

A day of rest

Today is Father’s Day, at least in Australia.

I took this as a good excuse; one might even say ‘reason’, to take things a little easy. Particularly after what was a rather tough day in the garden yesterday!

And if I can’t slack off on Father’s Day, when can I?!

I do like getting out in the garden. But not being able to see what I am doing does lead to some interesting adventures and read more about gardening without sight and some more Body Talk

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