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Coming clean

OK, so, you might recall in my Day of rest post me going on about hard work in the garden. I wrote:

I engaged in a little innocent gardening over the weekend and I am feeling it today!

Well, actually, what happened was that I aggravated an old rotator cuff injury from my swimming days. I didn’t think the damage was too bad, so I didn’t mention it at the time.

All should be good for Tough Mudder though, don’t worry. But read more about coming clean and today’s workout

There can be only one … this week

There is quite a bit in today’s post. It didn’t start out that way, but things just grew.

In this post there is some Body Talk and the usual summary of my workout. I also reveal the results of today’s BioSignature Testing and share my musings on stupid balance-based exercises.

read the full post

A day of rest

Today is Father’s Day, at least in Australia.

I took this as a good excuse; one might even say ‘reason’, to take things a little easy. Particularly after what was a rather tough day in the garden yesterday!

And if I can’t slack off on Father’s Day, when can I?!

I do like getting out in the garden. But not being able to see what I am doing does lead to some interesting adventures and read more about gardening without sight and some more Body Talk

And then there were four

After weeks of asking, reminding and cajoling, we now have two additional team members on team Almost Fit!

Our two new members, Glen and Paul, have finally signed up to Tough Mudder! Awesome work boys!

They are both good guys. I will introduce you soon. Well, just as soon as they give me a little bio.

read on to learn about my disasterous 6Km run

Workshoe Workout

I normally leave my gym shoes at work However, last Friday I packed them up and took them home just in case I found a running partner over the weekend.

Not only did I fail to go for a run, I also failed to bring the shoes back into work. Doh!

So, yes, I rocked up to the gym in my gym clothes and black leather work shoes. Very fetching! And yes, Dirk was adamant that we still do legs.

read more about today’s workout and working out in work shoes

Keeping it fresh

One thing I find really helpful when it comes to keeping up my exercise is doing new things or doing familiar things in a different way. You’re probably the same.

Be it running a different course, doing a completely new weight-based exercise or even just mixing up the timing in a familiar exercise, breaking your routine in this way keeps things fresh.

learn more about keeping it fresh and today’s 2 new exercises

With shins like a hockey player

Hmmmm, thought about doing some exercise today … again. Dam it, just can’t seem to get the weekend workout thing going on. In fact, can’t even seem to get the weekend stretching or something going. But there’s another idea … how to get a good workout at home.

I smashed my knee into a wooden chest today. My fault, I left it there! Rest assured though, this is Far from the first time I have walked or run into something. Not seeing where I am going does mean that I run into things somewhat more than your average bear!

My shin bones have a good collection of old and new scarring and so many chips and dints that you could almost call them serrated – a lot like I imagine a hockey player’s shins to be.

read more on my poor shinbones, if you dare!

Oh where have those endorphins gone?

I Finally got back on the treadmill today for my second run since starting my campaign on 1 July.

And what do you know?

that endorphin rush didn’t happen this time, not during the run or after.

Oh where has my endorphin friend gone?!

Body Talk

It was a bit of a struggle running today, ankles, knees and lower back pretty well started feeling it from the start and it didn’t change.

I gotta do more of this running because I so suck at it!

My Workout

2.5Km run on the treadmill. Started on speed 8.5 and moved it up to 10.5 where it stayed for most of the run.

Happy Independence Day

Independence is very important to me. There is a perception out there that people who are blind are less capable, less efficient, less intelligent and more needy than others. Blindness is also a very frightening and confronting concept to many. No surprise really seeming that we all live in an extremely vision oriented world.

People find it very difficult to comprehend what life might be like if they were required to interact and participate in the world without sight.

It is possible though … of course!

I work hard to maintain my independence for my own sake and to also read more about independence, my leg workout and some Body Talk

Who said running was fun?

Remember yesterday I said I was feeling good after my run? Well, OK, I spoke too soon! Not feeling quite so good as yesterday!

This soreness is not entirely unexpected though. Building up some ankle, knee and general joint strength and stability is all part of the process and essential for Tough Mudder.

read on for some Body Talk and a description of today’s chest and back workout

My quest begins

Today starts my Tough Mudder quest.

My mission over the next 12 weeks or so is to build up both my strength and my running endurance. This will involve:

  • strength training
  • cardio/running training
  • some proper eating!

read on to learn a little more about me, about my first BioSignature Testing results and today’s back workout

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