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Epsom Salts, now that’s living dangerously

Darren Fittler holding an Epsom Salts box wearing a Danger Mouse shirt

With two sleeps until Tough Mudder, it’s into the bath with some epsom salts for me! Well, after some foam rolling, that is. Now that’s living dangerously! Speaking of which, anyone recognise our little friend on my shirt?

I thought you might be interested to know how my BioSignature testing went this week. In short, BioSignature testing involves using callipers to measure the amount of body fat from certain points around the body to help assess hormone levels and to help inform a course of action to improve health, fitness and well-being. Read more about BioSignature Modulation

But before I get to the results, I thought I’d also let you know read on to learn about my diet over the last couple of weeks and the results of my BioSignature testing

Father’s Day starts early

I didn’t get to train or run today as had a very important morning meeting.

I had a Father’s Day morning tea at my kids’ school. There was coffee and bacon and egg rolls, which I enjoyed thoroughly at 7am!

Actually, I would have to say that bacon and egg rolls and coffee are two of my most favourite things!

There were also some very tasty muffins and other chocolate treats. But don’t worry, I didn’t indulge. I would like to say that it was because I was strong. But to be honest, I just didn’t feel like eating that stuff this morning.

So, apart from the noise of a hundred kids yelling and carrying on bouncing around the hard surfaces of a school hall, it was perfect! Well, actually, read more about my Father’s Day breakfast

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