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Website is live with four weeks to go!

Well, hello world, as they say!

After months of writing and learning, this little blog of mine is ready to rock. WooHoo!!

Now, while there are still a few little bugs and hiccups, I didn’t want to wait any longer, particularly as Tough Mudder is only four weeks away!

That’s right, in 28 days from now I will have run Tough Mudder. Can you believe it?

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And then there were four

After weeks of asking, reminding and cajoling, we now have two additional team members on team Almost Fit!

Our two new members, Glen and Paul, have finally signed up to Tough Mudder! Awesome work boys!

They are both good guys. I will introduce you soon. Well, just as soon as they give me a little bio.

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Twice the fun

Today Dirk and I managed to get out and on the road for what is only our second run together.

We didn’t bother trying any tether or the like today. We just ran as before with my hand on Dirk’s triceps. Which seems to be working OK, least for me!

As with our first run, we ran up to the landmark Coke Sign in King’s Cross and back down William Street again to Elizabeth Street.

This time however, read more about our second run

Outdoor run No. 1 – Running Blind

Today Dirk Venter and I embarked on our first outdoor run together. Just some street running up to the landmark Coke Sign in Kings Cross and back again, with a brief diversion into Hyde Park to try some gentle off-road running.

This whole running together thing is new to both of us, so we had to experiment a bit. Dirk brought along a piece of elastic strapping (like physios use) to tether us together.

Running with an over-sized rubberband kinda worked but was not so good when judging a quick stop … oof!

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Oh where have those endorphins gone?

I Finally got back on the treadmill today for my second run since starting my campaign on 1 July.

And what do you know?

that endorphin rush didn’t happen this time, not during the run or after.

Oh where has my endorphin friend gone?!

Body Talk

It was a bit of a struggle running today, ankles, knees and lower back pretty well started feeling it from the start and it didn’t change.

I gotta do more of this running because I so suck at it!

My Workout

2.5Km run on the treadmill. Started on speed 8.5 and moved it up to 10.5 where it stayed for most of the run.

Who said running was fun?

Remember yesterday I said I was feeling good after my run? Well, OK, I spoke too soon! Not feeling quite so good as yesterday!

This soreness is not entirely unexpected though. Building up some ankle, knee and general joint strength and stability is all part of the process and essential for Tough Mudder.

read on for some Body Talk and a description of today’s chest and back workout

My first run

Today I embarked on the First run of my Tough Mudder campaign. Just on a treadmill, but you gotta start somewhere right? And even running on a treadmill can be ‘interesting’ when you can’t see what you are doing!

Without constent visual cues of where I am in relation to the treadmill, I need to use other senses – primarily touch, but hearing also comes into the mix.

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