8 Top Tips for Tough Mudder Success

If you are thinking about doing Tough Mudder, or some other obstacle course event, it is time to stop thinking about it and do it!

Now that you have decided you will do Tough Mudder, here are my 8 top tips for success!

1. Prepare

Give yourself at least 6 months to get ready both psychologically and physically . Preparation will help you stay safe on the course, will limit the chance of injury and will make the whole experience more enjoyable.

2. Commit early

Pay for entry as soon as possible. Paying for entry early makes it real and will motivate you to start preparing early – both psychologically and physically (including proper eating). As an added bonus there are almost always cheaper rates if you register early, and having handed over your money, you are less likely to change your mind. Don’t enter an event, though, if it is too close and hence too late to prepare for it. Wait until the next one.

3. Build the right team

Hook up with a fun and committed team. Tough Mudder is a team event, so you will obviously need a team. It is also fun and more motivating to train as a team and to encourage each other as you prepare for the day together. Also, try to ensure that the people you team up with share your approach to the event. That is, if you are participating to give the course a serious go, then make sure the others in your team also want to battle the course with the same attitude.

4. Go public

Tell people you are doing Tough Mudder. The more people you tell, the more people you will have to encourage you and the more you will be accountable to if you pull out! With Facebook, Twitter and all number of other social media channels, not to mention good old email and word of mouth, there are plenty of ways to let the world know about your Tough Mudder aspirations.

5. Gear up

Wear the right gear. Wear reasonably tight fitting shorts and shirt and avoid cotton or other water absorbent material. Also wear a pair of runners you have already worn in and that are comfortable. I highly recommend gloves as well, although not all people do.

6. Work as a team

As well as training together and encouraging one another in the lead up to the big day, it is important to stick and work together during the event. The course is designed to be completed as a team, so being a team is essential to success.

7. Keep it fun

You must bring a bunch of determination, courage and belief with you to any Tough Mudder course, but don’t leave your sense of humour or adventure at home. Keep a smile on your face and laugh lots during the course. To be honest, though, it is not too difficult to have fun when you are getting down and muddy with a team of friends or work colleagues.

8. Help others

Raise money for a charity or cause you are interested in or passionate about. If people have made a pledge or contributed money for you to complete Tough Mudder, then you are more likely to do it, and you will be raising money and awareness for a great cause. Also, many charities are great users of social media and often have a good number of members and supporters. Your charity of choice may be happy to generate some social media buzz for you and your team, if you want buzz, of course.

So that’s it from me: my 8 top tips for Tough Mudder success. If you have completed a Tough Mudder or other similar obstacle course event, I would love for you to share your success tips below.

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