Darren Fittler’s Detox – the beginning is nigh

It will all start on Monday 5 May 2014 and “Bring it on” I say!

Starting from Monday, I will be abstaining from alcohol, coffee, chocolate and other similar sweet treats for 30 days, eating clean, taking certain vitimins and minerals and having 1 food free day per week. And so will my friend and training buddy Dirk Venter.

I thought it would be useful for me, and maybe you too, for me to chronicle my journey. So, each week I will write a little about what I eat and drink, my mood and my general thoughts on things.

And what would a challenge like this be without some before measurements and some photos?!

Now, I am not normally one for getting my shirt off in public and I am somewhat aprehensive about putting this one up on the Internet. But doing so will keep me motivated and, hey, what’s an after photo if there is no before shot to compare it with?

the before

  • “weight = 84.9Kg
  • Body circumference at just below belly button = 94Cm
  • Body circumference at top of the hips = 90Cm

What will it actually involve?

In short, I anticipate my average day will go something like this:

  • 6:30: wake up
  • 7am: meal replacement shake
  • 10am: meal of protein and vegetables
  • 1pm meal of protein and carbs
  • 2pm: 1 hour gym session
  • 4pm: meal replacement shake
  • 7pm meal of protein and vegetables
  • 11pm: bedtime.

On weekends I may drop a meal or 2 based on how active I am … or not!

Oh, and on 1 day during the week, I have chosen Wednesday’s, I fast. I pretty well eat nothing accept the special cleanse powder that provides the body and brain with the nutriance it needs to function. Water is of course OK. In fact, it is esential!

I will not train on Wednesday’s but may do some light cardio and take a quick sauna. … hmmm, do you ‘take’ a sauna, or maybe ‘have’ one?! Anyway, whatever it is, I will spend about 15 minutes in a sauna.

And that, as they say, is that.

Meanwhile, I am looking forward to a couple of tasty craft beers and probably some pizza over the weekend before it all begins on Monday!

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